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Certified Copies

Copies of your Premarital Course Certification

If you require additional copies of your Premarital Course Certification you may order copies to be sent to you by standard mail (USPS) for a small cost of $6.95.  It is important that you review your personal demographics on all documents and certificates in order to assure that proper certification has been provided.  You may use these for any legal documentation to attain your Marriage License with your County Clerk - as needed.  Your originals should arrive within 3-5 business days from the date of your order. 

If you require additional shipping options (express overnight) feel free to contact one of our representatives for additional information at 713-396-3026 or 786-529-4266.

Payment Made Easy!

We currently offer students, couples, and families the opportunity to pay through Credit or Debit Card.  Be sure to click the button below to checkout.

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