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Easy Payment Online

Easy & Trusted Payment Online


We currently offer students, couples, and families the opportunity to pay through Paypal, Credit, Debit Card, Stripe, Google Checkout, or Zelle.  Be sure to view these options on our checkout page if enrolling in one of our courses.  In order to receive our products and/or services, you must be sure to use a valid payment method (credit/debit card) owned or corresponding to one of the enrolling parties. 


If you are accessing our educational platform using a "third parties" payment method (credit/debit card) and you can not validate that it is your payment account - your account will be immediately deactivated until you can provide legal ownership of the card.  So, please be sure to have a legal and valid payment method available to enroll in one of our courses.

Troubleshooting Payment

If you are experiencing payment issues press the button below to process your course payment.  All of our systems are SSL secured and are processed through reliable third-party systems. Click now to make your payment easy!


Other Payment Troubleshooting Options:

If you are experiencing payment issues and you prefer using your personal banking account's Zelle Electronic Payment method you can do so by simply forwarding your payment to the following email: - (Organization Name: Premarital Course Center). 

Please be sure to forward the correct amount for your desired course.

Paypal Payment Option
Zelle Payment Option
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